Born April 23, 1791 in Cove Gap, Franklin County, Pennsylvania

1812 admitted to the bar, practiced law in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

1814 served as Private in Pennsylvania Militia, Henry Shippen's Company, 1st Brigade, 4th Division, serving in the defense of Baltimore

1814 to 1816 served in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives

March 4, 1821 to March 4, 1831 served in the United States Congress House of Representatives for five terms

Served as Chairman of the U. S. House Committee on the Judiciary in the 21st U. S. Congress

1832 to 1833 served as Minister to Russia, appointed by President Andrew Jackson

1834 appointed to the U. S. Senate, re-elected in 1837 and 1843, resigning in 1845 to become Secretary of State for President James K. Polk

1836 to 1841 served as Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations

1845 to 1849 served as Secretary of State

1852 to 1866 served as President of the Board of Franklin & Marshall College

1853 to 1856 served as Minister to the Court of St. James (Britain)

March 4, 1857 to March 4, 1861 15th President of the United States

  Died June 1, 1868 from respiratory failure at the age of 77 at Wheatland, his home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Buried at Woodward Hill Cemetery, Lancaster, Pennsylvania


James Buchanan Memorial in the Southeast corner of Meridian Hill Park, Northwest, Washington, D.C.